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Artists Statement 

Meet William Thompson 

William W. Thompson III currently works and resides in Dover, PA. He is a self taught artist who began his career in the early 70's as a potter. In 1974 he established T3 design and set to work creating one of a kind "artistry in precious metal" in the form of jewelry. It was at this time that he began a close working relationship with artists and craftsmen from this country's Native American community. Bill's pursuit of creativity has led him to create works in metal, glass, ceramic, enamel and digital art. Beyond his own creative efforts, he is dedicated to providing young artists the skills and resources to explore their own creativity. To aid accomplishment of this goal, he is a faculty member in the Fine Arts Department of York College of Pennsylvania and has been the instructor of the metals program at the Yorktown Craft Guild since 1982. In 2015 he became executive Director of the Guild. His award winning art is exhibited internationally and resides in private collections world wide. 

About my Process

The works created in my studio are unique, hand made items. We take pride in bringing our customers quality materials from around the world. The techniques used in our wearable art are diverse and dictated by the task at hand. 

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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